Chickens cuckoo marans, black Jersey giants, road island red and road island red cross, gold and silver laced wyandottes. 2 blue old english game bantam roosters. The roosters are 1 year and the others are 3-5 months
The time has come that we must turn the page and liquidate our poultry flock. We have spent a few years establishing and growing our flock of laying chickens and duck. There is a total of 15 big stock hens of various breeds along with one large white rooster who has great manners as well as a total of 8 ducks. The ducks are a mixed bag including 4 welsh harlequins 2 drakes, 2 hens 3 hen Indian ...
Farm fresh eggs. Free range chickens. Color of eggs we have are white, brown, and light brown. Will have Green and Blue Easter Egger eggs around AugustSeptember. $2.50 a dozen. Have to meet locally.